Heart pounding

Could this be true?

Words used loosely

Or were they?

I wanted to believe

But walls so tall

Nothing learned

Or the saying is true,

“It is what it is”

Just when I thought

I was wrong

I wasn’t

One day

I’d like to be


Photo credit: woman of Ra Pinterest

In It Together

Tornado sirens


Beer & BBQ

Torrential down pour

Watching in awe


Awkward hotel neighbor

Stain glass windows

Cary Grant

Amazing suite


Lots of it

Sleep- finally

Lazy loafing

In our underwear

Front row seats to Cardinal game

3rd base dugout

More beer

Face plant running up stairs


Beautiful faces

Too far down dark street

Drug deal 5ft from us

Vanilla Crown


Homemade chips smothered in cheese

Room service

Budweiser tour


Drag queens

Horrible country bar

Nasty Lyft driver

The blues

Best gumbo ever

Best sax player ever

Secrets whispered





Feeling family


One for the books

Missing you

Missing me

Distance can’t take

A sisterhood that withstands


Especially with us

In it together


JJ McCreary

(St. Louis, Mo)


You’ll Never Know


Long walks

Long talks

Passionate kisses


Unabashedly share







Know that you know that you know

No judgments

No impatience

Work hard

Play hard 

Touch often


Push & pull


Be a welcome space & place

Believe in accidental left turns

When you should have gone right


Keep on keeping on 

Without shade, remorse or regret

Having fun in the journey 

Be happy & simply enjoy 

Your L I F E 

If you don’t

You’ll never know

The Essence of Iris

20 degrees the day you were born

A beautiful bundle that even today 

Could rock a paper sack

You are generous

Because you know those who are not

You are kind and loving to everyone

Even in a run-down car with

Three babies you remained


For a better life for them, for you

Your selfless love & actions

Set you apart

Your legacy lives on forever

In the amazing faces of your children

And your beautiful granddaughters

In each of them you will find qualities of you…






Strong-will & determination

You carry your head high

Because you know who you are

And whose you are

You are powerful

You are amazing, a prayer warrior

You can be scary and intense at times

Especially when mad or in 

Beast mode at the gym

Even in those moments

When you think you’ll break

You still cry out to God

Your heart remains soft

Emotional- you cry at commercials

You cry at a song

You cry when we cry- those you love

You wipe away OUR tears 

Before you ever wipe away your own first 

You are incredible

Maybe it’s a stretch to say you’re an

Angel on earth

Or is it?

You never give up

There is no word called QUIT or CAN’T

You love without judgment

You listen and are insanely supportive

Even with the pointed finger

And tongue lashing…all in love

Your high-pitched baby puppy talk

Breaks glass

But no one would have it any other way

Let’s not forget

That you’re smoking hot

Those sensual moves rocking that salsa beat

Lifting your hands in your hair

Gliding across the dance floor 

Not one person breathes

Enchanted by your effortless sexy

You love hard, you work hard, you play hard

Your wisdom is wanted & necessary

For those of us who seek your kind of strength

Never forget who you are & what you are

To all of us & those who haven’t even met you yet

Happy 50 our darling woman

We love you so much


JJ McCreary

Love Letter

You say you love me

Yet you struggle to look me in the eyes

I want to snuggle with you when you sleep

But you won’t stay still

Mind running

Future planning

You are exhausting 

I think you create your own chaos 

When are you going to live In the moment? 

The now?

I love you so much 

You need to trust the strength I give you

I’ve got you

I’m stronger than you give me credit for

Please trust me 

And not that voice in your head

That says otherwise 

Together we’ve GOT THIS

Give me a little credit

And yourself

You’ve come so far and together 

If you love me, I will worship you for 

A lifetime 

Please come back to getting to know me as your first love

I love you & I miss us,

Your Body