But a Blip

A blip (image: Google)

A blip and just like that I am





Not what I wanted

The difficulty in moving forward




I was never meant for you

A blip in the story that is your life

My life

Perhaps my mind resides in an alternate universe

Where there I am cherished



Fragmented pieces of myself have shattered all over the floor

Are you aware of the impact?

I am but a blip

I don’t know how to pick

I will recede into quiet & heal

A moment

A passing

A lesson

To know my worth and realize I am


Than a blip

To anyone


I do not know how to quit

It’s not how I’m made

Trauma made me a fighter

Grief made me hardened

Love made me want to bring down barriers To really feel what it would be like to be Wanted


Reflection makes me realize

I am my own worst enemy

Too many years given away without reciprocation

wrong patterns

not healthy

It’s ok to walk- I should have quit sooner

But my fighter wanted to stand

It’s ok to quit

I don’t have to stand

I do not always have to be strong

Never flex, be the wall, be the armor

For who?

Always for others

Please let me remain pliable, moldable, forgiving & loving

Not ruined, jaded or bitter

I deserve and want something greater Bigger for myself, for my daughter

She has watched me stand for all those years…alone

It’s ok to quit those and things who are not meant for me

Whatever is meant for me will be

Whatever is going to stay will stay

Whatever will leave will leave

Let them leave

I do not chase, I attract

Whomever and whatever belongs to me will find me

And maybe sometimes …

I will grant myself permission to quit

My terms, my life, my love… period.

She Is It

The sparkle of hope in the dark

She is the laughter that lights up a room

The witty

The sassy

The real

The romantic

The believer of love

She is it

An enchanting unique unicorn

Rare, breathtakingly beautiful

She is more than the rage

Higher than the darkest thoughts

More than old scars on stark white skin

She is it

Beautiful & wanted

Beloved daughter

She sees light before anyone else

Angles no one else notices

She catches the soul in a stare

In a moment she is either a cherished friend or deepest enemy

She is courage, she never quits

She is it

The laughter & pranks

A world changer, she will create something beautiful & impactful

A look, a glance, a whisper

She. Is. It.

She Is It

Really See

Really See

You see me

Not the shield

You see me

For me

Really see

No pretenses

Nothing hidden

Or disguised

I read your face

Like a map I’ve looked at for years

The hustle, the grind, the exhaustion

Your exhilaration & joy

I see you

As much as you see me

Maybe more

Really see

Maybe It’s True

Maybe it’s true

All you need is sunshine

The sound of waves

To relax and find

Your bliss

Your peace

Your voice

In the quiet & not so quiet of

Laughing families creating memories

Sand between your toes

Friends and a horizon that goes on


Maybe it’s true

Pale mint toes 😍


Image: Google- Dream space image by Crystal with love

When you talk about her

Your eyes light up

The belly laugh you give

Has the room laughing

Expectant for the next story of your

Forever love

Has me missing

Mom 1 & Mom 2

But triggers memories that I love

Cooking brunch, aroma of blackberries and bacon wake the house

With sleepy eyes, coffee & juice

You started the reaction

The inspiration…

When you talk about her your eyes

Light up

Tender voice, laughter

I’m looking through a window at night

& I shouldn’t be

But it changes me

When you talk about her