Perfect One

Just somebody

Is not your body

To love

Or purpose

They were not meant

For you

Just a some


Your body was

Meant for the

Perfect one

The only one

But you rush

The loneliness

Creeps in

Rather than

Seek the


Who can fill that


You chose to


The wrong one


Just listen

Hiding what is

In the dark

Must come to

The light

To set you free

And open

Your eyes

To your

Absolute destiny

So, don’t settle

For somebody

Stay in wait

For your




Author: JJ Taylor

Many have shared that I am the strongest woman they know. I would disagree... when life kicks you in the teeth there is only one place to look and that is UP! This blog will be my random thoughts, my hopes, my dreams, defining my strength and my faith. I'm honest, raw and real. If you don't like that... that's ok...I'm writing more for me than you. Maybe someone will find this blog and my words will help you in some small way.

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