Shards of Glass

There is a little girl inside each of us 

That calls out to be saved 


Scooped up and unquestionably loved



But the lineage 

Is glaring 

Genetic attachments

Racing hearts that can’t outrun patterns


Bad picking 

Longing to be saved 

That white horse, the Cinderella story

We try and we try, and we try

Every pick, every dream, every hope of, “Is this the one”? 

Shatters all over the floor 

The little girl is left on her knees picking up shards of glass

The void is tangible

A longing grows within her

For more than she ever dreamed possible

For herself

For the glimmer of that little girl that must fight for 

Her strength

Her fortitude

Her prayers

She recognizes….

She is more than enough

Just as she is…a little broken around the edges

That is what makes her beautiful

Author: JJ Taylor

Many have shared that I am the strongest woman they know. I would disagree... when life kicks you in the teeth there is only one place to look and that is UP! I will be sharing my poetry, random thoughts, my hopes, my dreams, defining my strength and my faith. I'm honest, raw and real. I'm writing more for me, but perhaps someone will find my words that will help you in a profound way

7 thoughts on “Shards of Glass”

  1. In case you haven’t ever noticed…

    When you pick up a shard of glass and hold it to the sun light, you see beautiful streams of colorful lights. That’s what is inside of you!

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