Find Me

Is there something wrong with me?

I feel damaged

As though I won’t

Recover or feel

What it feels like to have


I’m not equipped

I have moments

Of fear

Gripping me

I lose my footing

Shaking my head

Where is my bold & sassy self?

Have I lost you?

I must find you again

You deserve to be set


You’re there somewhere

Find me

Author: JJ Taylor

Many have shared that I am the strongest woman they know. I would disagree... when life kicks you in the teeth there is only one place to look and that is UP! This blog will be my random thoughts, my hopes, my dreams, defining my strength and my faith. I'm honest, raw and real. If you don't like that... that's ok...I'm writing more for me than you. Maybe someone will find this blog and my words will help you in some small way.

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