Never Alone

She thought she stood alone amongst opposing forces, but quickly realized her tribe’s presence was felt. She knew that she was never going to be alone.

JJ McCreary

Author: JJ Taylor

Many have shared that I am the strongest woman they know. I would disagree... when life kicks you in the teeth there is only one place to look and that is UP! This blog will be my random thoughts, my hopes, my dreams, defining my strength and my faith. I'm honest, raw and real. If you don't like that... that's ok...I'm writing more for me than you. Maybe someone will find this blog and my words will help you in some small way.

2 thoughts on “Never Alone”

  1. Blessings in the new year! 🌟 I wholeheartedly wish you and your family. a successful year. and peace and health !!!!! thank you for everything from the beginning !!! 2019 1001star , too you >>>> !!!


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