You Will When You’re Ready

Mama always said, “You will when you’re ready”… For anything in life 

Find Happiness 

Heal everything (emotionally & physically) 

Enjoy being alone

Love life

Sing in the shower

Love yourself 100%

Know you’re enough

Know your worth

Love your professional life

Know your leadership 

Continue to grow, change & morph

Never sets limits on yourself in anything 

Or anybody

Is intentional in everything

Dance to Spanish Music

Walk in high heels

Enjoy the moments when you’re in the moment 

(Please be in the moment)

Publish your…


Children’s books


Travel the world…











Have amazing companionship from a partner who can hang, is faithful, communicative, passionate, energetic & loves you unconditionally 

Never set boundaries on anyone or anything

Stay open minded, not judgmental

Leave a legacy that people will never forget

Stay receptive

Be open

Easy communicator


Eat healthy

Sleep well 

Find rest

Get peace, know peace, feel peace

Get hope, know hope, feel hope

See miracles regularly

Be still

Listen to that still small voice

Let go & let God

No fear of quiet

Be alone, feel alone, embrace alone

Walk upright

Know your strengths

Follow your dreams 

Remember HE is greater than I- in everything 

Mama always said, “You will when you’re ready” 

She was right






Author: JJ Taylor

Many have shared that I am the strongest woman they know. I would disagree... when life kicks you in the teeth there is only one place to look and that is UP! This blog will be my random thoughts, my hopes, my dreams, defining my strength and my faith. I'm honest, raw and real. If you don't like that... that's ok...I'm writing more for me than you. Maybe someone will find this blog and my words will help you in some small way.

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